How to clean sediment filter in Aquaguard i-nova

Aquaguard I-Nova Sediment Filter Cleaning Method

What Aquaguard hides from customers to clean the sediment filter?

How to clean the sediment filter in Aquaguard I-Nova model?

Is it necessary to change the filter once in a year? Why?

 When I brought my Aquaguard I Nova model Water filter, I had some bad experiences for installation. I had posted this in the forum. Now I had found some facts which were not informed to the customers. 

Information given:

At the time of installation, the technician said that, just press a button (last button) and switch on the power of the machine. After 30 seconds the water will oozes out. Let it goes for 2-3 liters. This is the way for back flush and this will cleans all the dirt and sediments in the filter. 

What I done:

We use to do this for every week. After 6 months, I called the technician for the first free service. He came and cleaned the sediment filter. I was surprised the sediment filter had a layer of dirt, mud particles and sediments. He cleaned it very well and nicely. I was happy. But?

My surprise:

I was surprised that how it happened? When I had done the back flush as the technician said once in a week how a thick layer of mud got sedimented in the sediment filter. 

How I discovered:

I had browsed Aquaguard Company’s website. Surprisingly I got a detailed user manual in pdf format. This user manual clearly said a new way for back flush of the sediment filter. In the bottom of the machine there are two inlets for water. One is regularly connected to the water inlet and another was closed with a screw cap. We have to change the inlet, to the other and regular inlet has to keep open near a washbasin. When water flows thro the second hole, the sediment filter gets water flow in reverse direction and gets cleaned. This was not informed to me when the technician first installed and also at the time of first service. You can visualize the dirt, mud particle and other sediments if you do reverse flow like this. 

Another point is, the box contains a plastic spanner which is designed in such a way to open the sediment and carbon filter containers. So that anyone can open the sediment filter as well as the carbon filter and clean it manually. These two points were not disclosed to the customers. If you do these two things routinely there is no need of changing the sediment filter once in a year as said by the company. Also you get pure water. 

The said back flush method (by pressing the last button) is only to clean the carbon filter and not the sediment filter. Anyone who has this filter can try the back flush by passing water in the second hole. 

It is better to do the back flush for sediment filter for once in a week and also the carbon filter once in two weeks. Whenever you feel you have free time (at least once in 3 months) open the sediment filter (with the given exclusive plastic spanner) and clean it by holding under running water. Do it carefully. Use your palm and fingers to clean. Don’t put any tools which will spoil the filter. Don’t tear the filter. I can’t be responsible if you spoil the filter. 

Hidden facts:

Sediment filter has to clean by reverse flow of water from the second water inlet.

Use plastic spanner to open the filter top and take out the filter and clean with running tap water. 



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4 Responses to “How to clean sediment filter in Aquaguard i-nova”

  1. vivek Says:

    thanx u did a gr8 job and also thanx for posting the details

  2. Ms. Ramnath Says:

    Can you send me the user manual please!!! I am have a water flow problem and I am TIRED of the useless so call technicians coming and doing nothing and getting paid for it!
    THANK YOU for your help

  3. Tautik Says:

    Great tip. Thanks a ton – i was able to clean the sediment filter of my Aquaguard i-nova by back-flush. Please elaborate on the method to open the sediment / carbon filter. I could not locate the plastic spanner.

  4. Saurabh Says:

    My inova water purifier is not working i.e no clean water output, only beep sound on AC power & i have cleaned thourougly all filters…

    kindly help.



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